Our Vision & Mission Matawhānui me Whakatakanga

Our Vision

Kia mahia te ngākau o ētahi kaupapa, whakangāhau, hākinakina, hui me ērā atu mea, kia whakanikoniko te painga o te hapori o Te Tai Tokerau.

To be the heart of events in Northland Te Tai Tokerau to enhance the wellbeing of our community.

Our Mission

Ka whakamanuhiri whakahī, mātanga hoki mātou, i ētahi kaupapa maha hei whakatinana te ngākau, te wairua me te torohū o Te Tai Tokerau.

We proudly and professionally host events that embody the heart, spirit and potential of Northland Te Tai Tokerau.

Logo Cultural Narrative

The kupenga motif is a traditional design element in Māori culture. The kupenga is an open cast fishing net. The logo features a stylised representation of this.

The kupenga motif is rich in symbolism and is associated with fishing and the abundance of the sea. It also represents the interconnection between humans and the natural world, as fishing was and continues to be an important source of sustenance for our communities.

The open cast also suggests that we are to let the smaller fish through to nurture our environment and sustain our future generations. People would not only fish for themselves but would also catch enough to feed the whole community.

This design was chosen for the Trust as the venue is situated in close proximity to the Hōteo (Hātea) river which feeds the Whangārei harbour. Both the harbour and rivers have provided sustenance for local hapū and iwi for centuries.

So like the rivers and harbour, and the people of old, the venue will be a beacon of its community, providing sustenance and well-being for its people, literally and figuratively.

The kupenga motif is commonly used in Māori art, including carving, weaving, and tattooing. It is also seen in contemporary design, where it has been adapted and reinterpreted in various ways.

Overall, the kupenga motif is an important cultural symbol in Māori art and represents the deep connection between the Māori people and their environment.

By Poutama Hetaraka

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