Parking & Traffic Management Whakahaere Ngā Waka me te Papawaka

The stadium car park is located on Okara Drive via the East carpark entrance and the West Car park entrance. A car park pass is usually required for large sporting events, concerts and festivals.

There are 12 mobility car parks located in the stadium car park.

There are 4 bus parks at the western end of the stadium car park. A drop off zone is located adjacent to the stadium on Okara Drive.

There are several options for parking when attending large sporting events, concerts and festivals at Semenoff Stadium. These include parking on surrounding streets and nearby car parks such as Cobham Oval, Bascule Carpark, Railway Carpark, Pohe Island Carpark, Port Road Okara Drive, and Porowini Ave, as well as in the city centre with a walk along the Hātea Loop to the stadium.

Any event held at the Stadium where the expected crowd is above 3,000 requires an approved Traffic Management Plan to be in place. Please observe signage, speed limits, and no parking areas.

The drop off / pick up zone is directly outside the stadium on Okara Drive.

For event specific Traffic Management and parking information, please visit the event page at What’s On.